about cool video invitations

Cool Video Invitations was created to offer high quality video invitations to help make your child’s party awesome. 

My kids and I make videos together at home, and they explode with laughter and happiness when they see the final product.  So I wanted to bring that joy to all children!

Our little ones only have one birthday a year, and they deserve these little moments of happiness more than ever!

I have a Bachelor of Education (secondary) and a Master of Arts, majoring in Media Production, and have been a video editor and motion graphics designer for almost 20 years.

I pride myself on the quality of my motion graphics.

Each ready-to-go video is comprised of between 80 and 120 layers of animated text, images, visual effects, transitions, music and sound effects.

I usually work throughout the day completing orders for all of my wonderful customers.  No, I do not have a team: it’s just me! (Well, my cat sits next to me … or on top of my computer case where it’s warm).  Your custom invitation is coming from a cosy little office in Brisbane, Australia.  No matter where in the World you order from, you can be assured that I’m working hard to create a beautiful video invitation for your little one.

I really hope you enjoy exploring the video invitations, please message me if you have any questions.

my cat watching me make video invitations

*My editing assistant, always judging me 🙂


high quality videos

Delivered to you in high definition MP4 format. Our invitations are 30 seconds, 1080 x 1920 pixels, and HD quality.

fast turnaround

Your custom video invitation will be emailed to you within 24 hours.


One video invitation that you can send to all of your guests. Save yourself time and money purchasing and writing on individual paper invitations.

easy to send to your guests

You can email, post on FB Messenger, send an iMessage, post to WhatsApp or upload to your Facebook party event page or party website.


No paper required. Better for the planet.

includes music

Each video invitation has fun sound effects and an awesome music track to entertain your guests.

Your child and their friends will absolutely LOVE it!